The Impact; The Ugly Behind the Cool

At this exact moment, there are new technologies, products, and services that are being developed that give us free services that generally work well. We as a society are benefiting in many ways thanks to this development but there is a backside to this powerful technology, for example how it affects us from an ethical perspective. Technology is moving at a very rapid pace and that makes it difficult for laws and regulations to keep up, which makes it challenging to set a standard for our privacy.

In some countries governments have started using surveillance methods on a micro level, they can track and watch your every move with the help of surveillance cameras, face recognition technology, data collection, etc. This can have a huge impact on how we behave in our everyday lives and can slowly manipulate and push us in the direction that the government wants. In some places around the world, democracy is at risk and modern technology may play a big part in that.

More than ten thousand data points are being collected on each user by Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg can not confirm exactly how many. What we know however is that Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft know us better than we know ourselves, they can predict our every move based on their profile categorizing system. This is data which they are selling to 3rd parties and it can seem harmless to receive ads that suit your life and interests but this system can actually affect political elections, for example, the Cambridge Analytica incident.

Our ambition and vision are to create a sustainable, equal, and friendly digital and physical environment for us all. Technology should be a practical and helpful tool in our everyday life without jeopardizing our privacy and free will.