de Graaf

Business Innovator

“My interests are varying between progressive change and innovative ideas. I think that combining a critical and activistic mindset with innovation will drive us towards a more sustainable future, in which we can all live freely.”

As a business innovator I bring creativity to the table, I always try to get as much input as possible, to link a problem with a solution in the most unique, yet solving way. My role in a team can vary, I can be a leader, while I'm also able to follow and execute. I'm used to work in groups and have achieved multiple successes with group projects during Business Innovation.

As a digital transformation designer I want to apply the knowledge that I have gained during my time at Business Innovation. I enjoy working together in groups. My strengths are problem-solving and conceptual thinking. Understanding the needs of a client and thinking from their perspective is something I am used to, I can develop strategies and write an implementation plan based on the needs and requirements of the client. Furthermore, I have done multiple business analysis and have written consultancy reports about sustainability, branding and/or strategy.

The Team

Madeleine Assadi


Pranamita Ray


Daan Walder


Robbert de Graaf