Lets Face It

Our masks fool facial recognition by putting an AI rendered face on your face, you can choose every ethnicity, every shape. With our masks, you can express yourself - be happy or be sad. The masks bypass Facial Recognition, you will not be you for the system, but you...

Filtered Realities

This webcam filter bypasses all these issues by filtering the feed directly at the source; you will become the editor of your media stream. The analogue filter gives you the possibility to enhance your image with colours, blur your surroundings or set up a background image. But...

2030, A Vision on Privacy and Surveillance

This manifesto has been written in order to give you a better understanding of our thoughts and beliefs towards physical cybersecurity. It is a set of rules that we made for...

Will Privacy Survive COVID-19?

During times of national emergency, drastic measures can be implemented within the blink of an eye. A lockdown can be established within 24hrs. Two weeks ago feels...

Researching the Cameras on the Campus

Take a look around our buildings and try to count how many sensors there are and guess the function of this sensor. Do you feel safer knowing that all kinds of...

Why you shouldn’t use Zoom

Due to the current healthcare crisis, we can not meet in real life anymore, unfortunately. This development forced us all towards (free) services such as Zoom, Skype...

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