Filtered Reality - An analogue webcam filter

Filtered Realities is an analogue webcam filter that makes you the director of your webcam feed, no more insecurity of your image being used for other purposes.

Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams are deeply integrated in our daily lifes. COVID-19 brought our bosses, colleagues and our teachers right in our bedroom or living room. The line between work and ‘life’ was already thin, but since we’re working from home this thin line evaporated. When you just did the laundry, you probably want to remove your underwear before that meeting with your boss as well as other private stuff in your surroundings. It shouldn’t matter what you want to keep private.

Most named services already include blurring options, customizable backgrounds and face filters. But by using their filters we still give full access to our webcams. We trust a service with our raw webcam feed. Whether that is the best way to go ‘private’ is debatable, as most of the earlier mentioned services have already diminished our privacy to a bare minimum. Whether it’s a tech-savvy hacker or the infamous NSA, we’re never 100% sure who’s not looking and who might is.

This webcam filter bypasses all these issues by filtering the feed directly at the source; you will become the editor of your media stream. The analogue filter gives you the possibility to enhance your image with colours, blur your surroundings or set up a background image. But more importantly; it gives you the possibility to hide. Your face is being used to improve facial recognition systems, your biometrics are used to improve surveillance software. By filtering the camera feed at the source you can stop this, you will be in control.

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