“As an interaction designer, I've made it my goal to design meaningful and innovative solutions to today's problems. I do this by closely observing people's behavior and to look for those places where technology can add something beneficial to their lives.”

From an early age, I’ve always loved being surrounded by people. This made me into the people-oriented and social person I am today. During my childhood, I also discovered my passion for art and design. I drew portraits of my elementary classmates and teachers, and built whole cities out of Lego. This passion for art and design still resonates with me to this day. I try to express this through painting, drawing, web design, graphic design, and my profession interaction design. During my time as an interaction design student, I’ve learned how to observe, analyze, and design to meet the needs and desires of people. Creative freedom, therefore, is an important value for me. I preferably work in a multidisciplinary team with driven people who are open to innovative ideas.

As a Digital Transformation Designer at Digital Society School I mainly focus on the technical as well as the design aspects of our project. With my broad knowledge of technology, I can easily see what thebest technical solution is for our concepts. I came to the Digital Society School to learn more about sustainable design, in the hopes of becoming a more responsible designer.

The Team

Madeleine Assadi


Pranamita Ray


Daan Walder


Robbert de Graaf